All right! All of you so far already know of me from Xanga. The picture says it all, folks: two dimensional weenie roaster am I. Really, I figured divulging my near-future plans would work as good as anything for a first post.

Number one priority: finish my boots. I also offered to make a pair of boots for my dad. He still wears boots I grew out of around seventh grade … so 12 years ago.

2. I finally cut out a pants pattern, and once the boots are done I can dedicate more time to refining my shirt pattern also. To me, the two dollar per yard muslin usually used for “mock up” clothing or fabric items feels just as comfortable as anything, though it may be good to make a shirt better suited for off-the-trail type activities.

3. Still want to make a rocket stove. I just need to flatten some corrugated roofing (from the woods) to make an outside wall and bottom to the unit, place the riser in there, and then fill it with dirt. If it works well enough, I can then do wood/bamboo bending projects without using up electricity or steaming up the house.

I’m not sure what will happen to Xanga, but I’ve become so used to the idea of leaving that even if someone buys the name or saves it I will just keep to WordPress probably.

As a side note, I encountered some dinghy plans through another blog and it made me remember that sometimes I want to build a boat with a lightweight bamboo frame and a skin. Such a thing would take up space, however, and I probably could not safely transport it on the roof of my dad’s Civic.


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. doesitevenmatter3

    Good to see you here! And to read about what you’re doing…and of your plans! 🙂
    HUGS!!! Carolyn (adamswomanback) 🙂

  2. anaraug

    Your talk of pants reminds me that I recently became “in to” something that you might find interesting: denim made on smaller-scale shuttle looms called “selvedge” because you get the actual edge of fabric as part of every pair of pants instead of cut then stitched. Also usually comes unwashed and often still starched. Something about slightly-less-mass-produced clothing being part of some kind of fetish for authenticity that’s going on right now.

    But man, I guess going all the way DIY is something like a zillion times more authentic than that, of course. Props, and stuff.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      From what little I know selvedge (which I often mispronounce as slevedge) is pretty good for having … like a thin seam, otherwise you have to make a couple of folds for seam allowance. I am explaining this poorly haha. Anyway, good deal!


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