Glued, complete, & “banjo” material

Image And here appears my second pair of boots not all that far from completion. For this pair I used outstitching rather than a Norwegian welt figuring the outstitching would save me some time. I am not really sure whether it saved me time. The method did, however, save a lot of nails and a fair amount of grunt work–e.g. no more pushing a curved awl through an edge of a thick piece of veg tan and then pushing it through a hole and through two (or three if you use lining) pieces of leather. My friend gave me the leather. Its stiffness and thickness made pressing lumps from the upper difficult. I sew the tongue on separately because I did a poor job of modifying the last: I belt sanded the smooth curvature from toe to ankle-front out of it, so I don’t think a tongue would lay correctly. I made a few mistakes on the second boot. 1) I didn’t add a layer of cork between midsole and outsole like I did on the first, 2) I glued the outsole on the 2nd on the wrong way (just aesthetic, really). The soling sheet is a cheap synthetic crepe sole which will last a little while, I hope.

ImageThe picture alone does not make much sense. Well, since this is a new blog, the brief story is I made a square banjo using scrap wood from long-dead projects and a couple pieces of metal from shelves out in the woods. Wood grain paint adorned these shelves along with some rust and spots of who knows what, so yesterday I sanded the 9×9 piece of steel and threw it in a bag with white vinegar. Today, after some scrubbing with my finger through the bag, I pulled the square out and rinsed it off. White vinegar removes a lot of the gunk and rust without ruining the patina like an abrasive can.


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