The old typewriter-ado

Here on the internet lives a little community of bloggers called the Typosphere(ians?). They collect and/or write about and/or use typewriters to write blogs by scanning or uploading an image (typecasting). I follow a few of these blogs but have never posted a typecast or participated much in the typosphere, but I do like the inky quality a typewritten image offers against the somewhat-otherworldly nature of the web and the intangible software that brings us the images and words we see through a glowing screen.

My typewriter grounds me. I can make it percussive or give the paper a gentle kiss. With it, I write as well as type my emotions.

I used to own several but the things consume space and I never managed to use any one enough, so now I have only a Royal Mercury, a typewriter not from the “golden age” but fairly reliable, cheap, and portable. I wanted customized, so I bought items from a few places I stayed and made it my own. That way it becomes more than a writing machine but an obvious story in itself.



3 thoughts on “The old typewriter-ado

  1. carolinavenger

    That’s such a cool idea. I have an old Underwood I got for fifty cents at an auction because no one else wanted it. But I never use it because the ribbon is old and the only place that used to sell old typewriter ribbon near here closed down and also I have no desk and it would be cumbersome to type from my dresser, and impossible to try and balance a 20 pound hunk of metal in my lap.
    Part of me thinks I should get rid of it but gah, it’s just so neat… maybe they sell ribbon on Amazon…?


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