Probably about half a year ago I pulled my mom’s sewing machine out of its cabinet to clean it and use it to sew pants and shorts, of course, and thanks to a bad side effect of an anti-depressant it behooved me to concentrate on something, so I cleaned and oiled the machine and did some sample stitching on scrap muslin. The stitches do look a little loose, but I imagine they would stand up better to wear than my hand stitching. Even so, I may hand stitch the final pair because I don’t want to screw them up nor waste time learning the ins and outs of this machine right now.

Out on the internet you will not find many men’s pants patterns, but I did manage to find a free pair that prints out in many sections. Typically before someone makes pants using their actual fabric, they make one from muslin to test the sizing and all that, but I cut out about the top fourth of the pants out of packing paper and tested it for fit … will still sew pants from muslin, but they will be working pants and not a test.

The better pants I will sew using lightweight 100% wool. You can buy scraps or leftovers of this stuff for a good discount. I figure on needing at least 3 yards. 3 yards of muslin costs 6 dollars or so and the wool will cost around 25 (good quality new suiting wool costs 20 bucks and up per yard).


Also, I noticed the smell of hot plastic on the machine. I guessed it would clear up after cleaning and oiling tacking the problem up to friction resulting in an overheated motor, but the smell lingered. I sniffed around and realized the built in light heats up its compartment, so I looked around for a LED replacement: only one that I could find for $18. For a little more than that I could buy a task light capable of lighting more than just a needle.


5 thoughts on “Enlighted

  1. shannongirlindariaworld

    They’re expensive those little globes…go with the ‘task light’ and get more value for $ 😀 Goodluck on your pants creation

  2. anaraug

    LEDs in the size I’m imagining should cost 25 to 50 cents… I suspect the price is due it being a specific size socket etc. made specifically for your machine.


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