I don’t like how one thing can make

I don’t like how one thing can make me sad for a day or more–a piece of conversation, a lack of conversation, a failure or a setback of a project (list … list …). And then I feel remorse for feeling sad which increases the depression. A tip of my hat to the whole game. Even on medication a quarter of the time it consumes the best of me.


7 thoughts on “I don’t like how one thing can make

  1. shannongirlindariaworld

    Sounds like a rough trot, atm. A snap of the finger would be wonderful, but that’s just a thoughtful wanting. Hope you feel better soon. Muchos Hugs

  2. carolinavenger

    I always think that I would feel better, and sleep better, and get more things accomplished if I could just stop fucking THINKING so much. Over-analysis is the devil but I don’t always know how to stop doing it, either. If someone could go ahead and invent a magic switch to stop the chain-reaction of bad emotions, that’d be great…

    Keep breathing, friend.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      Yeah, I know how it goes. I think one of the things that’s helped me a little lately is singing, like actively trying to improve my voice. I’ve felt like ass most of the afternoon but I sang for a while, just makes me think less and is more active than just listening to music. Plus you can feel better about actually staying in tune with music and not feel like that tone deaf fool šŸ™‚

  3. ohellino

    Yeah I hear you on the one thing ruining things. Why is it just one thing and not all the things that could? Or why can it be such a small, usually insignificant thing? thecuriousbum , lol , you come up with good names.

      1. MyHomeIsWriting

        I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who does this. Seriously thought I was alone. One domino falls I swear they all go.

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