Tool roll

I did not want to start working on my pants from a lack of basting thread (same purpose as pins), so tonight I started on a simple project: a tool roll. You can buy them for not all that much but I thought an old pair of paint covered jeans would do well enough. I separated the jeans at the leg connecting seam–the ‘crotch and butt’ if you prefer–and cut up the inseam to make a big hunk of fabric. 


Of course I lined up the tools according to their height so they fit … well, as they fit here. I’ll punch holes between the tools and weave fabric through them to create the tool pockets. I’ll stitch the small 1.5″ folded over part down and put a piece of cardboard in there for padding and to stiffen the roll up. Cutting this way also saved all the pockets, the front pocket and a few tool pockets on the other side–these I’ll fill with rivets and eyelets etc. 


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