Trash and Me

Trash and I have a long relationship. Every now and then in middle and high school I picked it up for a fling, and then I started to think of trash in a different way, like it could matter more than the considerate person who chucked it out their window or dumped it thought it meant. It helped some once useful videos became ubiquitous online and I could see that other people, too, thought of ways to use the discards of others.

It also happens that around my area you will find no shortage of trash old and new, and thanks to my many years of hiking I know of a couple big stashes before trash pickup existed.


Well, ok, I first took a picture of a fallen bird nest. I once watched a bird pulling bits of plastic and twigs to build its nest, one of the cutest things you will see a bird do.


The entry into the woods, not all that long ago an opened field, but now a little path surrounded by trees so dense I probably could not move through them,


so I wonder on past the new growth toward and older bunch of trees and turn a right which eventually runs into a very long ditch full of junk. For a rocket stove I would like to hammer some of this roofing flat and use it as the outside cylinder.


Old tires and rusted metal abound. Originally I came out here to try to find some solid copper wiring (like 12 or 14 aug) but the humidity left me damp and really uncomfortable and stepping over tires and trash kicks up mosquitoes. Anyway, here you see just some of the tires, a lot of them rotted beyond use, but I may be able to cut a few outsoles from the bunch. 

Really, if you want to search for things out in the woods winter beats summer because of the temperature but also because the leaves die and you can see farthest into the pits of this heap.


And finally the only “useful” thing I took home from this trip. I intend to use it for the skin of my scrapjo. The thinner metal should vibrate better than the rather thick stuff I have on now. Having words on the ‘jo will also just look more interesting. 

As an experiment I also took home a piece of rusted sheet roofing and let it soak in white vinegar and sanded it down, but underneath the rust the boring ol’ steel shines like it never rusted in addition to being weaker. 


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