A hitchhike?

What does the wordpress community think of this? I want to travel down to the ocean here in Maryland, just to hang out at the ocean and perhaps with a certain girl. Bus and train fares really blow out the wallet–over 100 dollars one way. I checked Craigslist rideshares and people post there regularly, so I will try that first, and basically I need to at least start on there because you will not find many major roads accessible to walkers within D.C. metro. So one person takes me at least to somewhere along U.S. 50 on the Western shore, say a gas station or something, and then I pick up another ride there. U.S. 50 straight shoots to Ocean City: the destination. Hitchhiking would be a lot easier if a large bay did not divide Maryland with only one bridge and a few passenger ferries much farther south. I have hitchhiked before but out in the country in Missouri with shoulder room on a state highway. If one trip could take me over to the eastern shore, that would relieve some of the stress of this idea.


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