Scrapjo drum

Finally some reworking occurs on the scrapjo. A before picture does not exist, but for imagination’s sake, I simply cut a strip of metal about 4 inches wide which held up the bridge, and I placed a piece of support metal underneath. You can see the screw holes for the old cover.


I chiseled the notch below the S to mount the dowels but I cut it on the wrong side, so I just friction fitted the dowels and hammered a finish nail at each end to secure them. Holding the metal this way looks more finished and I like the way the wood frames the metal. How will it sound? Not even sure yet.


Actually, I really like the square shape of the banjo. For one, I can make it with a few tools, and for two, the bottom right corner sits in the space between your legs which creates a good playing angle. Being square also prevents the neck from constantly rolling down toward parallel with your lap. If someone used thinner sides they would probably want to use some cross bracing to strengthen the square.


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