Very Faded Glory

About a year and a half ago I bought a pair of twelve dollar shoes from Walmart (Faded Glory’s their brand). Well, I wore them a lot. I don’t have running shoes, so I ran in them. I don’t have any other type of don’t-care-I’ll-wear-anything shoe, so I wore them. By the looks of it, I must come crashing down on my heel while moving–though I try to emulate the ‘natural posture’ for jogging these days. Anyway, yes, they wore out fast, and since I bought a soling sheet to add to my boots, I decided to cover the Faded Glorys. 


The cheapest soling sheet I could buy online … so it wears out fast. I should probably spring for Vibram next time. You can also see the patch holding up well months after I hand-stitched it on.


5 thoughts on “Very Faded Glory

  1. viefinale

    Cool! I can’t believe that I haven’t had this thought before, but, I wonder if any other American appreciates their possessions as much as you do. The respect you have for the things you depend on is incredibly becoming


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