Running for the non-runner

For the past several months I have jogged maybe once a week or less to keep an average level of fitness, maybe lose some weight. A couple days ago I jogged 3 miles–which I consider all right with a half-assed regiment such as mine. In fairness, I do hike on occasion and ran sometimes in the past to reach a destination faster, along with being of average weight for most of my 24 years. However, a few things helped improve me over the past months, so I decided to bullet them out for ya:

  • Go slow. I always used to start out at an ambitious pace then wear out after half a mile to a mile. Forget ambition and vast strides and a vicious arm pumping. I had to consciously slow myself down to make anything more than a mile. Sure, the mile may take 10-12 minutes, but if you’re going faster than walking, well, call it a victory.
  • Changing to a more natural style of running helped me. A lot of videos exist about barefoot running and all that, and you can maintain the posturing while wearing shoes. When done properly–using the balls of the feet like springs for forward momentum–it relieves some of the pressure to keep going. Shortening you stride and bending the knees some are also a part of it. Frankly I think a lot of the videos make it more complex than necessary.
  • If you don’t intend to do any races, just forget about time and speed for the most part. What does it matter?
  • It’s cheap! I run in 12 dollar Walmart shoes without any special equipment or clothing. You can buy a bunch of stuff, just remember you don’t have to.

2 thoughts on “Running for the non-runner

  1. anaraug

    I run. I uhh .. have expensive shoes though. And uhh… expensive socks. I didn’t run for several years and I’m currently trying to get back in the habit. But also I’m getting my girlfriend to do it too. Furthest we’ve gone so far is 2.2mi, which isn’t that bad, but it’s not the 6-10mi I was doing 3-4x a week in high school. *shrug*


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