Happy places and salvage

A hike out in the woods to find a particular car part. Said car part already taken. Instead, an amateur picture journey:


I took this picture with the intention of showing the moisture in the air. Turns out I do not know how to take a picture of humidity. At this point along my route–a trail-less section of woods along a creek–the ground cover thinned out, but for most of the way thick pants form a mat a couple feet high. 


Normally I like to loaf around here or sit and contemplate, but being sweat and water soaked kind of ruins the experience, so I wandered to the area of decaying cars to retrieve a part I wanted.


Well thanks for taking the part, salvagers! To make up for it, I took a picture of the dash in another car. I also took the speed numbers you see there. No one bothers with this car because of the vines and leaves all around it, but I do! The smell of decaying plant matter and dirt becomes more apparent in a floorless car cab.


A couple of stout logs that I figured out are oak of some kind (dead leaves, so hard to identify using my book). Sometime soon I would like to saw and split some of this stuff and make things out of it. The park won’t miss it. 

Image Random roadside object: a remote pad! At first I thought it was birth control–which, yes, I have seen a whole pack of that along the road before. 


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