Chisel-carved hand-bowl thing


A few days ago I could barely stand up straight due to depression, but last night I sewed the fly of my pants three times due to screw ups and spent several hours today chiseling out this bowl thing from a log I sawed and split with a knife and rubber mallet. This kind of unimpressive piece represents the beginning of minimalist woodworking, I guess, where I do as little as possible to wood. I like the idea of spending just a quarter of a day carving a hunk of log, leaving it to dry, then finishing it. As a bonus, the wood cost me nothing. I am curious if anybody would want it when finished since I have no use for it and will just chuck it back in the woods when it dries (which may take a month). I will post of picture of it when finished. Right now it looks rather ‘blah’, but the grain should pop out much more once I oil and wax it.


3 thoughts on “Chisel-carved hand-bowl thing

  1. viefinale

    cool! I’m sorry to hear about the crippling nature of the depression (I guess thats just how the mess goes sometimes) but I am glad you are still doing your woodworking. Its gotta be a good thing. I’m going to take a picture of something I made after having a particularly awful day myself. I don’t really care about the end product but it made me feel better to make.


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