I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow, and I ought to tell her that for several weeks now I’ve maybe had a couple decent days. I might as well not be on any medication. One day my dad asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, but I question the helpfulness. Being in a bleak, sterile place with other mentally ill and suicidal people and being drugged up when they consider you hysterical or “at risk” is about the last thing I want. I’m considering putting something up on eBay or Etsy just for the hell of it. Maybe the possibility of a sale will help me. I really have no intimate connections so I end up posting everything here. In fact I posted my status as depressed on facebook and my sister just made fun of it, and my parents would just get distressed and want me hospitalized. Ramble ramble end quote.


4 thoughts on “Filler

  1. ohellino

    Sounds troubling. Try a different med? Yeah being committed doesn’t really help. Maybe the psychiatrist will have something helpful tomorrow. I’m on a couple meds and they seem to be working for me most of the time. But it took me a long time to get to this combination.

  2. MyHomeIsWriting

    If I could afford help, well, I’m not even sure I’d go after it then. I should probably be on medication because this is no way to try and live, but I’ve made it this far. That speaks for something right? I’m sorry you’re struggling right now. This was my way of saying: “I get it.”

  3. anaraug

    The problem with discontinuing medication reflects a lot of conundrums we have to deal with when seeing doctors in general. I mean, when I’ve been the most depressed, as a result of depression … I’ve missed appointments. It’s like help can only be had when you don’t need it. I wouldn’t discontinue anything unless it has unlivable side-effects because the reason you’re taking it is for the times you do need it, but you have to decide whether to take or not during the times when you don’t. The best thing I guess is that it always gets better, eventually, as long as you keep yourself fed.


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