New old tools


Welcoming a smoothing plane, a hatchet, a hand saw, and a sewing table. I performed some straightening on the handsaw by pouring boiling water on it and bending opposite the curve, but I may try to hammer it straighter, and I sharpened the plane blade and hatchet as well as removed rust and oiled everything. I do own a few electric woodworking tools; for the most part I want to faze them out. The saw can hopefully replace the circular saw. The circular saw makes quick work of anything but the sound emanating from that blade and motor will set the wildlife to pawing at their ears. The plane, I guess, can replace some of what the belt sander does, though I still find the belt sander valuable for other stuff. The hatchet replaces beating my knife into a log with a rubber mallet. And the sewing table replaces sewing on the floor. I didn’t buy the sewing table: my parents bought another table to hold their TV. So just a warning to expect some more posts with all this.


Also my “workstation.” I have no complaints about it. In reality I will sit next to the tv across the basement or work outside, but every tool/activity spawns from this location.


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