Dinghy prototype 1 & why it fails

Today I set about building a frame for a dinghy.


I drilled holes through bamboo and needle-and-threaded everything together with jute twine. Not too surprisingly, the thing wracks from side to side while not so much front to back. It does this because of a lack of diagonal bracing or lateral support. At first I thought about fitting cardboard into the voids and sewing the cardboard onto the bamboo, but of course if the cardboard dampens enough it will lose its strength. The other thing: because there are no solid connections (everything attached at the end with twine) this thing will not sit solid without a lot more twine or a lot of void fillers which will add weight or too much work to the project.

I am not sure what to do with it yet or whether I will bother finishing it soon. While I have wanted to build a boat for years you won’t find a single pressing reason for me to build one. Originally the idea sprang back into my mind because of the girl on the eastern shore, and I thought, Hey, why not use crossing the Chesapeake as an excuse to make a boat? But will that happen? I dunno. It would also serve as a way to ride up and down the creek as a vessel to salvage wood or travel. Fun but not necessary. The canvas skin will cost some money, too.


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