I feel the need to explain why I post about these projects of mine. Back in high school I kind of sucked at making things–rarely completed them or used inefficient methods. I didn’t spend as much time online and youtube did not have most of the great channels it does today as far as my hobbies go. Here are a few things I built/made:


A TV (just kidding, but look at that girth!) Ok, this table worked all right. It held up a 100 pound plywood box tv for a while. However, I just made inefficient work of it.


A chair I never completed because I didn’t know how to. The cross pieces were scrap from the previous pictured project because I didn’t know how to complete the drawers.


A hat I never completed because I didn’t know how to.

Anyway, you see the idea. The point is that these days I do complete projects, and however they turn out I end up feeling pretty good since i wasted several years completing almost nothing. I still feel a touch of sadness, however, for my parents do not see these little oddjobs as having career potential (use your brain curiousbum (or maybe because I am a 24 year old invalid)). I just wish my ideas and projects could gain their respect, but I keep going even without it. I try to live my beliefs as best I can. I try to show people not everything needs to end up manufactured-perfect, that we can have faults and functionality. It’s humorous that we often preach about the loveliness of human imperfection, yet affordable and imperfect things are so often chucked.



5 thoughts on “Excitement

  1. anaraug

    I like your projects. I have completion problems. I have a pretty bad habit of getting about 80% done with something and then taking it apart and starting something else. Maybe because the last 20% of what I do is the most difficult for me? Who knows.

  2. MyHomeIsWriting

    I wish I had even a fraction of your talent and knack for this sort of thing. Writing isn’t the most useful art, but it’s all I’m good at, or so I tell myself.


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