To fix the boot

Yesterday while walking through the knee deep thorny weeds in the woods, i tore a boot strap. The average person would probably use these boots for casual-dress-up deals, but they are my strongest shoe at the moment. Anyway, I figured I could fix it, and while cutting the seam today I decided to use my nice, sharp chisel. Of course it slipped and ran a cut almost up to the ankle stitches.


In order to fix this I simply added glue to the inside, marked it up with a brown marker, and blended the marker in, which darkens the lighter leather. After that dried I took some scrap canvas–from a failed shoemaking attempt–and made another strap of the same dimensions and sewed the seam allowances.



The new strap. After gluing this in I sewed it on the strap rather than to the right on the leather where sewn originally. I actually like the contrasting thread even though I used it out of laziness. The leather strap hides this one anyway.



The original strap on the other boot.


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