Other happenings

My friend’s wife left him recently (again, hope to heck he does not take her back). They have 3 kids together and it just tears him up every time they have to leave. It does annoy me somewhat because as far as I can tell he’s the responsible one yet she keeps the kids because I don’t think she works, or if she does her grandma takes care of the kids. This guy’s been my friend for 17 years so I feel bad about this raw deal going on. It does make me feel good, in a way, that I don’t have kids to lose like that, just another thing to be sad about if they left or what have you.

Books I’m currently reading:

Aunt Jimmy’s Will and Leaves of Grass, the latter mostly because I read some list about the 40 most influential books and it was one of them, the former mostly because I downloaded it free.

If you aren’t really into poetry like me, Leaves of Grass is just a regular read. A few of the poems are very long and I lose track and wonder about the point if there is any, but I have highlighted a few passages. 

Aunt Jimmy’s Will is about a girl whose father dies, small town gossip, and going to live with her uncle–as far as I’ve gotten. Well, and an aunt dies and the will’s read and such, point being if they get the land the girl can come back to live with them. *spoiler*

Sometime this week I want another go at making a coracle. Posts will happen with that, I’m sure. 

I need to make a pair of all-purpose shoes for running and walking. Trying to decide between moccasins and just a regular shoe. My walmart shoes almost require too much maintenance at this point. 


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