Ah wine

More of-the-earth than soda or fruit drink, a part of the whole Jesus legend, what helps me connect with people. My first girlfriend, to stay near her I tried to get a job on a vineyard. I lived in a tent, and one night I read her the ridiculous wording from a mixed-wine description. I may feel bad, and it helps me ease through another night, though people may talk of the negative consequences and what have you, but I tell them, “Hey, I feel sad enough to end my own life, what more could some alcohol do?” A couple days ago as I traveled down into Virginia, we crossed the Potomac river, and I tell you that I want to cross that river in a boat of my own making. I want everyone to know what can happen, that they do not need to blow 600 dollars on a machine-formed kayak to float on water. I listened to Bruno Mars’s ‘Talking to the Moon’ for nostalgia’s sake earlier and it reminded me of potential–that much can happen with some heart. To all my loves out there, remember those emotions we typically associate with ‘heart.’ Sometimes I have to get drunk to even see that much.Β 


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