A shirt for the scrapbin


I tried to make a decent shirt using a civil war shirt pattern I modified, but lo! I do not yet know enough to make a proper fitting pattern. My chest measures 40 inches, so I added 4, made the side seams straight, and cut it all out. Of course, when your gut’s grown and measures about the same as your chest, an extra 4 inches cuts close. I made the shoulder seam too short and the sleeve too tight. Go figure. However, I did a decent job of sewing everything, so at least I know my stitches will suffice. I used 2 dollar a yard muslin which a lot of people use as their ‘test fit’ material, so at least you know I am not wasting amazing fabric. 


2 thoughts on “A shirt for the scrapbin

  1. Emmely

    Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t work out. I think it might be easier to get the front to fit well to use more of a draping method. If you are happy with how the back piece fits (where the shoulder and side seams a hit), that would be a good starting point. For the front you can then start with a rectangle in which you cut a neckline to fit your neck. You can then drape it in front of you (or have someone help you, that would actually be easier). The centre front should of course be on the straight of grain (it works best if you mark this line with either a pen or a stitch line). Pin the front to the back at the shoulder and side seams so that you’re happy with the fit. You can then draw the stitching lines on the front piece where you pinned and use this to make your pattern. If you have a shirt that has good fitting sleeves you can copy the armscye from that shirt onto your pattern. Good luck on your next attempt!


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