I do not want to bother anyone, whereas they can choose to read this blog. Oh, man. Not even in the mood to turn this into a poem. Does anyone feel like our exchanges here through comments and such are art? I feel like that now, sort of, as it makes me feel a touch better in a way. We’re leaving little pieces of our minds for others to see, which loosely defines art. Personally, I find everything going on here means more than some million dollar canvas in some stuffy museum, partly because I probably won’t see it. In fact, sometimes I think I put too much value into it, like I invest half my money into junk art.

Did you know George Lucas (or Lucas Arts, whichever) owns the word ‘droid’? Hey, let’s take the ‘an’ off the ‘droid’ and then trademark it or whatever! What a scheme for real. I still don’t feel that great but the writing helped some.


4 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. MyHomeIsWriting

    I need to continuously remind myself that writing always helps me. I get into stages of bottling emotion and then it wears me down and wears me out until I write, and then I feel like I took a pill of happy medicine, and I’m always amazed at how writing simply makes me see things differently.

  2. ohellino

    Lol you’re not bothering anyone. At least I very much doubt it. Someone on Xanga once said I should stop “bumping 10 blogs at once” and I laughed at first but started future posting because maybe everyone felt that way. On WordPress I don’t really care. It’s emptier here and bigger. Anyway people can control their feeds by unfollowing.. Come once in awhile or whatever they want. I like your idea that comments are art. I never thought about it like that.


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