Treading Lightly

I already mentioned my walk or bike (haven’t decided) on the C&O canal. It should start next week after a psychiatrist appointment. A couple days ago I set about planning my pack, so here you see the result:


  • The main pack with my sleep mat sits to the left. A sleep mat works great to keep you off the cold ground. Last summer during a cold rain I also used it as a wind/rain blocker
  • A couple (pink) blankets instead of a sleeping bag. If those are not warm enough, I also have the 
  • thermals and a down coat with a few extra pairs of 
  • boxers and
  • socks (not pictured)
  • The poncho will act as my tent and as general waterproofing
  • Tent stakes lay next to the poncho

Other things not pictured:

  • In a plastic zip bag:
  1. camera
  2. notebook
  3. pills
  4. phone
  5. misc: toothbrush, newspaper, etc
  • Food:
  1. granola bars
  2. poptarts
  3. mixed nuts
  • 20-something ounce steel bottle. 
  • 50ft of rope

Of course, you probably notice my lack of food. Well, yes. The trail runs through multiple decent-sized towns, so I’m not really worried about starving. I am, however, worried about having a heavy load, so lack of food works out better.


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