I’m dumb

Lessons: Riding a bike hurts when you don’t do it often. Sleeping bags keep you warm.


Yes, I am already back. I biked 30 miles before throwing in the bike. I could not stay out another night with just two bed sheets, even with a winter coat and thermals. So above you see the river view from my one and only campsite. A couple invited me to sleep by their fire, so I hung out with them for a few hours, smoked, drank a little wine. I woke up at some point to a dead fire and life became a touch harder, so I probably slept intermittently until dawn when I took this picture.

IMG_3043 My haggard-ass self.



Harper’s Ferry as seen from the entrance to the Appalachian Trail.


5 thoughts on “I’m dumb

  1. doesitevenmatter3

    Welcome home!
    You’re NOT dumb!
    And it sounds like a good trip, and you learned some things and you shared them with us so we learned some things. 🙂
    Beautiful photo of a beautiful place! 🙂


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