Treatment n stuff

The doc prescribed me a new medication, in addition to speaking positively of ECT for depression, though I’ve always thought of that as a last resort. But in truth I get tired of the medication game rather fast which perhaps hinders my treatment, but to an extent after almost half my life in this state it’s hard to give a shit all the time. I should probably attend some depression group just to see people besides family. The only problem with that is I don’t really like to focus on my depression. I like to talk about other stuff sometimes, but it’s really the only way I can see people. When I go these long stretches without seeing or talking to anybody in person I can’t help but start hating my personality. My personality makes me want to be a jobless hermit without any long term goals or foresight and I hate it because I think it keeps people away, but the alternative would probably be worse. I don’t know. My brain is sizzling needlessly.


6 thoughts on “Treatment n stuff

  1. viefinale

    I go to a women’s group kinda for the same reasons you expressed for why you may be interested in joining a group. I don’t really talk much in mine; but I like the routine of going every week, its nice to be around people who are nice to me, and it helps just to listen to others. I’m not sure if I am taking full advantage of the opportunity, but I’d still recommend it to anyone

  2. Sarah Key

    I have thought about attending a group before, but I don’t think I would want to attend a group close to where I live. Or at least, not at first. I don’t think I am necessarily “ashamed” of my depression, but I do consider it a private matter. I can’t imagine that I would feel comfortable in a group so close to where I conduct my professional and social life.

    As a side note, I recently nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog. I couldn’t remember if you had already been nominated before or not? So apologies if this is a second time go-around, but I thoroughly enjoy your blog and thought I’d nominate (again?) nevertheless.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      I’m kind of private about it, too, but my area’s so large I hadn’t even thought about it that way. (Private in person, anyway. I run my ‘mouth’ on the blog lol). I’ve actually been nominated for the award 3 times including you, but thanks nonetheless 🙂 I should actually do the questions and nominate people myself this time around.


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