A few people are doing this positivity week thing so I figured why not join in? Despite this massive physical depression I did manage to take a walk and then came home and drank eight cups of coffee to muster enough energy to do some sewing. 


I could say … so many negative things about my sewing ability, but the work on the sleeve (what I did today) did not turn out all that bad. Considering I am using a Civil War shirt pattern, the shirt will never look like the average garment any way you cut it. I decided to go with contrasting thread just as a pseudo-gutsy move and to use up a bunch of old thread. Who knows how the thing will turn out or if I will have enough nerve to wear it in public, anyway. 


6 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. MyHomeIsWriting

    I was going for lots of walks until it snowed today. Snow and I don’t get along because that usually means I spend a lot of time on my ass. I think the shirt looks good.

  2. Sarah Key

    Are you interested in the Civil War? Oh, and as a side note, I wasn’t wearing my glasses this morning when I sat down to look at WordPress. For a moment, just glancing through my reader, I thought you had broken your arm!

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      Only mildly, although I did spend a good amount of time in younger years going to battle fields. I chose the pattern because I figured it would be simpler than a modern one.

  3. blogmefast

    you deserve two thumbs up for your sewing ! i’m glad you did not brake your arm..first it looked as if you were giving yourself two thumbs up for braking it…be careful with all this coffee and sewing with needles….you could poke a finger…


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