Nonsense poem

Whatever I can think of–like shelved books I look at maybe once more after the initial reading. A few ingredients combined and fermented for wine or vinegar: vinegar interacts with air … wine we seal off. So, though my life feels insular I’d best relate to vinegar. Too much of that salad dressing ingredient/general purpose cleaner for one paragraph. Use words sparingly or use spare words. Can anyone think of a spare word? Friend! Oh, haha! I only kid because I use it sparingly but friend isn’t spare. A spare deck of cards, extra by definition but useful to have if you value cards. Some people value tarot cards but I’m not one to believe their readings. I do keep a few glued to my typewriter as keepsakes from “a past life.” I don’t call upon those past lives sparingly, and sometimes due to broken relationships, read-into sadness, read-into happiness, I do on occasion think of them as spares in the present. Like wine they ferment closed off, escaping in little bubbles or a taste on the tongue. They’ll never change, though. And eventually they’ll slosh past recognition and into digestion. Shelved books, them.


2 thoughts on “Nonsense poem

  1. 0hmyword

    Shelved books. They’re good, those. They remind us [me] of the past, of things that have happened, times gone by, thoughts already thought of. They’re a writers photographs, because his hands and mind are too busy with words for the taking of pictures.


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