Almost 2014

I hiked and biked about 45 miles of the C&O Canal, sold a spoon, made a pair of boots and moccasins, attempted like … 10 coracle builds, took several medications, loved … if only briefly, wrote the first story in years, wrote a few poems, transitioned blogging platforms, made a friend, lost her to stupid choices, drank vodka and wine, felt suicidal … rarely happy, participated in 2 different group therapies, went on one “date,” welcomed a nephew.

So, even though I feel like day to day not much happens, over the course of a year things build.


4 thoughts on “Almost 2014

  1. doesitevenmatter3

    It’s the little things…the things that are “expected” (like the birth of a baby)…that are the VERY BEST things during a year.
    Sounds like a year of good and not-so-good for you…I had a year like that, too.
    HUGE HUGS!!! 🙂


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