Barefoot and running

Today I decided, Hey, why not run a couple of miles barefooted? so I stretched and then set out. Of course, the idea didn’t just come out of nowhere: I like testing myself in unusual ways, and despite that first sentence I did experience some hesitancy because how many people do you see running in public without shoes? Eventually I overcame self-doubt and headed down the side walk. 

Pleasantly enough, my feet hit snow-melt water before even leaving the neighborhood (duh), and my feet numbed for the first third of a mile through puddles and surface water. Once I hit the hilltop, however, the sun hit the sidewalk and made for a better run. 

I passed several people running up the hill and none of them said anything, but for whatever reason many groups of middle school/high school kids hung out on the roadside and one group started yelling at me from across the road. “He runnin’ barefoot! Where’s your shoes?! I turned a left and into a shopping center to avoid any kind of confrontation, but they crossed the street and met me after I rounded the parking lot. 

Where’s your shoes?

I didn’t feel like wearing them, I said to a kid who ran up to me.

You’re gonna step on a rock!

I already did, I yelled back. 

No other groups or individuals said anything to me. 

In truth, I figured something like that would happen. People around here see something weird, they like to comment on it/make fun of it. Hell, even when I am just riding a bike or walking people will shout from their car windows on occasion. And yes, besides one blister my feet are fine.

Also, I guess my point here is that most people don’t care much. The ones who do can shove it cuz I do what I want. 


3 thoughts on “Barefoot and running

  1. Walker

    I used to go barefoot basically everywhere; not so much now that I live in the broken glass capital of the US. I only ever ran barefoot on a track though, the kind where it’s a little spongy. A little too afraid of sticks and rocks, etc. It’s like having an extra dimension for experiencing the world!


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