Blog throwback: Violin (cello) dress

At first he alone looked at her across the crowded little dining room, but then his friend joined in with just a few choice words: anti-pageant, formless like a bag; regardless, the eying fellow tiptoed through the throngs to the beverage table to the woman, an instrument at rest, a first chair lady, he noted; she set the A and he tuned up, two exquisite horse-hair bows matching strokes.

The crowd all over the house cheered, then, and the music started, and for a while his friend looked on, but eventually left the music to the speakers piping bass into every room.

They let their surfaces shimmer under the low hung chandelier, exchanging little solos, but in the comfort of the moment he plucked one of her strings, running a sly finger up and down until the tone met and surpassed the next string’s tone. He rested a soft hand about her neck and cradled his chin in her chin rest, and in largo they coupled under the light and danced with the club music bursting around them.ย ย 


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