If you exist, they will grow



In fact, if you don’t exist they will still grow, but you won’t obtain the benefits. On your left in my mouth, there, you see wild chives (they smell like onions), followed by a dandelion and garlic mustard. Yes, I’ve eaten all three and not died yet. The latter two have some bitterness to them, so for the tender tongues they might work better as a salad accessory, another hint of color. No one else in my family joins me in this quest for the edible, but I could not resist this year with all of this growing just feet outside of our door.  


4 thoughts on “If you exist, they will grow

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      I totally forgot about berries. There are some wild strawberries in the backyard but they’re essentially tasteless, have stumbled upon a few others out in the woods with better luck taste-wise.


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