My psychiatrist cancelled my appointment and I could not book another one till the end of July. Makes telling her this medication does nothing just a little harder. Also, I have Lyme disease–no symptoms besides the “bull’s eye” rash, but it still requires three weeks of antibiotics. I’ll have another post with some pictures, just haven’t felt like doing it. So hard to care about anything.


8 thoughts on “Doctors

  1. viefinale

    Lyme disease! oh gosh! I hope you’re okay. I hate the trial and error nature of depression/anxiety meds. makes it such much harder to feel better

  2. doesitevenmatter3

    Lyme disease! Oh my! I hope the antibiotics do the job!
    Can you bug your psychiatrist by phone and tell her about the med situation?!
    End of July seems like a long time to wait.
    Oh, I hope you will do the photo post! 🙂


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