A large ( probably 7 feet in diameter) abandoned spool not too far from my house. Yeah, I know; bad picture. I’d wanted to check it out for months and finally jogged up there a few days ago, and on the way back I found 


another granite sample from the same drop-off most likely. Anyway, I intend carve something generic on these like ‘Home sweet home’ using a dremel and carving bits … should practice first on concrete or something. 


 Also mullein, or cowboy toilet paper. Just cuz. 


And finally a new sewing set up. The really old sewing machine that came with this treadle stand lacked a few of the things I like, so instead of being normal and going back to the adequate electric machine, I bought this blue Alden’s relatively cheap, removed the motor, and then attached it to the treadle. It works well. You need to use a machine with a mounted motor because an internal motor will resist the treadle action.  In addition, the milk crate with the dirty looking white fabric on it acts as storage, a seat, an ironing board, and I can use the piece of wood for any number of things. 


One thought on “

  1. doesitevenmatter3

    GREAT pics! I really like the first one! Looking up into the treetops! 🙂
    Cool on the granite find! Let us see the finished product when you are done! 🙂
    Ha! Cowboy TP! 🙂
    Your sewing machine and set up is wonderful!
    Happy sewing!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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