The Dead

A couple days ago standing in the backyard l looked at the dead branches extending out from a dying pine tree, arching and gray like a sketch from a children’s horror book. But a few birds landed on them to eat their seeds; before that I’d considered chopping those branches off. 

And in the woods near my compost, I hammered with the back of my hatchet a rotting log half buried in the old compost pile to inspect its decomposition progress; a piece fell off unearthing a group of ants near eggs of some kind. (You see, when I started my newest compost pile, I remembered a video on a raised bed system called hugelkultur, where you basically bury logs underneath soil. The logs retain water and nutrients and release it when needed. I am just doing it as an experiment and have three piles.) The ants stopped me from demolishing the log any more.


One thought on “The Dead

  1. doesitevenmatter3

    I love your words here!
    Such strong deep analogies to our lives. At least, I see that.
    You have reminded me that no matter what “condition” I am in…”old, ugly, bare, rotting, dead” physically and emotionally…I still have value and can be useful in the world.
    Thank you!


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