Tires for hire

For a while I’ve wanted to use a tire as a shoe sole, but since the big old tire pile rests in a gully in the state park a mile away, laziness won. A couple days ago, however, I discovered a tire just across the street, which makes for easy walking. The short distance also means one does not need to carry a tire wall or tread along the streets attracting stares or whatever. You need very little to harvest a tire side wall–just a utility knife, in fact. Cut it from the tread. I started out doing shallow scores … made harder by my love of using dull blades because I hate just throwing pieces of steel away. After a while of scoring and digging progressively deeper, I wrapped my whole hand around the handle and dragged the blade through. This feels much better than pressing down with a few fingers.




If you only take one side, turn the harvested side down so water doesn’t collect in the thing anymore. I doubt anybody would admit a fondness for mosquitoes.



The tire wall lying in front of the outdoor easy chair


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