Aiding leather’s decomposition/composting leather

Everyone wonders now and then whether that leather product of theirs would turn back into soil or sit intact for hundreds of years if left to sit outside. Well, since leather’s just the treated skin of an animal, I figured at some point it rots back into the ground. In one search a person said the best chance comes from chopping the leather into small pieces with a wood chipper or mulcher or something, but since I own neither these leather moccasins met their end on the chop block with just a hatchet as the cutter.

First I made shallow cuts (roughly parallel) all along the piece of leather, then made more shallow cuts perpendicular to the first set. Then I just repeated till the leather fell apart in little crumbs. If bigger chunks fly off the block onto the ground, at least they have shallow “starter cuts” that may–at least in my imagination–help the piece break down faster.

Also, don’t hold the leather in place with your hand. Use a stick or whatever.



Yeah, I am the height of fashion. In public the shirt would be over those suspenders and untucked. The pants are homemade and unwashed denim with a pattern from the latter part of the 1800s, so not the best fitting and not meant for belts. Those sandals are my sister’s from middle school, and I only wear them around the yard.

Anyway, you can see the piece of wood in my hand that held the leather against the log.


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