Novels and Nothing

Some people can write an entire novel in the month of November (or any month) or at least start on it. I considered writing a short story, maybe a journal entry … well, I filled in bubbles on a questionnaire with a pen today about my mental health. Does that count? It will reveal nothing new, probably. The doctor wanted to try another medication but I refused, so the generic anti-depressants dwindle away week by week. The sadness does not stop, but it also does not increase. Creating does not become any more exciting; maybe I feel a dull sense of achievement, but I felt that before. I don’t want to write anymore tonight.


5 thoughts on “Novels and Nothing

  1. ohellino

    An entire novel in a month! That’s quite the accomplishment. I could do it but wouldn’t be able to publish it. Could probably get a hundred likes for it if I posted it in pieces. Lol. “Creating does not become any more exciting” is kind of a curious thing to say. I wonder if you mean more creative. Can a person become more creative? I’m interested in creativity though most of what I’ve read about it is crap.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      Oh, I forgot to mention NaNoWriMo, national novel writing month, which is what I made reference to. It got more attention a couple years ago. Even my sister who never writes anything said she would write one lol.


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