Them’s the tea

 Even didn’t miss the holly trees while walking through the woods the other day, and I promised to come back and take a few of its leaves for my own purposes–so today I walked back (the whole half mile), harvested leaves, and then wandered around more looking for logs to suit a purpose or another and then hiked home and brewed some tea by tearing the leaves and pouring boiling water on them. I would not call it exceptional. In fact, I can’t taste much of a difference from plain hot water, but I do it for the vitamins and just for the hell of it. I also ate some wild chives. I figured they would be dead and rotten by now, but I see tufts still poking up green from the leaf cover. Between holly and pine needles, I prefer the pine needles, but messing with the concentration may yield better results (I like stuff strong).


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