So, a lady messaged me on a dating site and wants to meet up, so we set up a time and place. It wouldn’t hurt to just have another friend, even, but I know I’m very eccentric and perhaps annoying in this continual sadness. Also, an old blogger friend blocked me it appears, so that adds to the lameness. I could ramble on, but it wouldn’t help any.


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  1. ohellino

    Funny it’s a lonely world with so many people. Some women are attracted to eccentricity and also sadness. Actually I’m attracted to girls that are sad I don’t know why it doesn’t make sense because I become sad through them. I think I’m too chicken to write poems out on the street but what a great idea. I just dont’ think I’m friendly enough. I avoid eye contact and look nervous and make people uncomfortable. Hope you do well in your meeting and all. I’m afraid to meet new people. I’ve kind of tried but never has a meet up. I think what put me off internet dating is someone said they had 150 dates in a year and never met someone. And randomly meeting someone is a better chance than that lol.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      I’m the same way, very stand-offish to strangers. That’s always been the (kind of) good thing about online stuff, is that they have an idea of you already and might be more likely to overlook less sociable traits. But yeah, I would be drained going on too many dates. As it is, I’m trying to defeat the idea of rejection before it even happens heh.

  2. doesitevenmatter3

    We can all use friends. 🙂 I hope the meeting goes great and you have a good time! 🙂
    I think if someone is a good friend (on line or off line) they love us for who we are, as we are, and they hang in there with us all the time…not just for the happy times. 🙂


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