Mom’s present and the Croonborg

Sometimes I just have to accept an object I made will not live up to the perfect image. I decided on a wood veneer candle shade for my mom’s present. Ideally (at least in this case) it would encircle the candle, and the lip of the glass would be centered in the shade: in other words, half of the shade above the top, half below. But this happened:


I flattened the veneer, but it warped again. I tried to bend it into a circle, but the wood’s too fragile, so I settled on hanging two squares on separate, twisted copper wire hooks. The hooks slope down and out so the wood hangs away from the hot glass. This candle’s burned down considerably, so the flames light the wood, but I don’t know what would happen with a new candle (thus the idea of having half above the lip).

Also, I tried to make a scale pattern [1in=1cm] of a sack coat (old-style business coat) based on the Croonborg method … simply because the book’s public domain at this point. He lays out all the steps and measures, but it’s still not easy:


To the far right you can see half the back sort of, and I gave up after that. I like this style of drafting better:


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