Jeans (though–no picture)

For about a week now I’ve worked on this single pair late at night. I think about the stories of second-hand stores receiving so much cloth they don’t know what to do with it all, and I read tales of high end clothes selling for almost nothing at said locations. Naturally, my self-defeating mind says You’ll be a part of the problem if you make it anywhere, but I can’t keep switching skills, so I console myself with a few thoughts:

– My output won’t amount to much. Even working all day, making one pair of jeans might take 2 or 3 days depending on the level of customization or whatever, so a max of 180 a year.

– Maybe people will consider them worth repairing. In fact, I’d really prefer more of my “business” to be about repairing–no matter the brand.

Of course, I can’t call myself an expert in any of this. I’m not an educated tailor or repairer … somehow need to network, maybe make several pants for people for only the cost of materials to gain more ground with this shit.


8 thoughts on “Jeans (though–no picture)

  1. viefinale

    May I mail you a pair of jeans of mine on which I broke the zipper? I’d rather pay you for a heartfelt and creative solution rather than a stranger for a boring one.

    Is it weird that I am asking you this

  2. ohellino

    I tried looking for those inserts and couldn’t find them. I have all these holes in the crotches of my jeans for some reason maybe from sitting or walking. I want to repair them myself. I wonder if there was a simpler way than needle and thread. LIke maybe the iron on like you said a patch or somthing. But then I would have patches all over my crotches. I don’t know. If I send them all to you t would cost too much. I keep wearing them lol. I hope people don’t mind seeing my unders. Oh well. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am crafty but not with clothes at all. I’m gonna get out the duct tape on this hole in my pocket I think. Hope you are good lonerwriter or curiousbum I don’t know your first name I think I did at one point. Thanks for your suggestions from before I had never heard of that way of fixing pockets.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      Here are iron-on patches:—3-Inch-Patches-Assortment-10-Pack/dp/B003BS8BNG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422568956&sr=8-1&keywords=iron+on+patches

      I don’t know how well they would do in the crotches of pants, kind of a high-stress area. I think a good repair would require stitching. I would guess there are tailors around you, but I have no idea how much they charge for … well anything lol. My name’s Cameron, btw.

      1. ohellino

        I think I told you before my name is Jaeger and you said it was a cool name. I will look around for tailors I can’t think of any. A quick internet search perhpas or craigslst. Maybe I can find someone in my area with similar skills as you and be able to trade for art. I have about 300 pieces and I’m getting crowded in. I just sent my friend 50. I read that you would do them for free for someone. If I had something smaller I would send it but you’re in the States I believe. I like my pants but yeah they are wrecked. Thanks Cameron you are one interesting person.

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