What’s her name?

IMG_3305 A while ago I bought a buttonholer to attach to my Singer Stylist and found this receipt inside.  I like details like this as long as they take up minimal space (recently recycled a box that came with an old flip-dial clock, for instance).

Whenever I see a woman’s name written as Mrs. [husband’s name], especially on older things like this, I think about it. From this document we do not know her name, and unless we dig through the census or something we never will. So I write this blog in celebration of your names–if I know you at least :D. They give a title to the endearing person behind them.


4 thoughts on “What’s her name?

  1. doesitevenmatter3

    Cool old receipt! And I like thinking about things like that, too. Sad (to me) that we don’t know her name…that she was just “Mrs. Her Husband’s Name”. I wonder if women back then felt like they only had identity through their husband and/or children. ???
    Yes, names are important. People like hearing their name. (if it is said in a positive way 🙂 ). I was named after a nun. I find that funny and so ironic! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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