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An exchange with Don Ferris of Anvil bike fixtures on Facebook today has highlighted for me not only the fundamental flaws in the notions of success and/or failure, but also in the mechanisms at our disposal to turn ideas into reality.

“I have to take a crap and need money to buy toilet paper. Which crowdfunding site should I use to capitalize my shit project?” – Anvil Bikeworks

A quick peruse of the various Crowdfunding websites reveals a litany of ideas that clearly people believe are not worth funding, or the source of ridicule, or both. This also, apparently – according to someone on the same Facebook exchange called ‘Pocket Fiend’ – extends to 13 year old kids who just want to go on a trip to their capital to learn history –

The majority of online funding is this crap… What happened to learning, working, & earning things?? So…

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