For a fallen froe

Today I took out my new sledge and wedge to split a log. After some beating and filing, I decided to lodge my froe in the log to start the split so that my very blunt, cheap wedge could finish the job, and somewhere in the process I cracked the froe in two places.


People use(d) froes to split shingles or clapboards, even dimensional lumber (like 1 or 2xs). This one will probably end up on the metal scrap pile now.


I did, however, successfully split a log after laying it down, propping the wedge between my legs, and giving medium taps till the wedge set in enough to blow at it. We’ll see how splitting this into smaller dimensions goes.


6 thoughts on “For a fallen froe

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      I just searched and several companies sell a new one. Granfors Bruks, Lehman’s, etc. I got this one on eBay because it was cheaper, but that didn’t do much good obviously 😀


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