Suit jacket prototype

Based off of Croonborg’s ‘scientific system’ which you can find for free on google books or First I used my Stanley Hostek pattern drafting book, but the prototype came out somewhat oddly proportioned, perhaps because of a mistake. Regardless, I like the Croonborg pattern better. I may just slim the seat a little, and hopefully the collar fits snugly when I add it.

IMG_3418 IMG_3419

Look at those stout old-school lapels! Perfect with the billowy shiny shorts. The fabric should drape better on the front once I measure and have buttons instead of pins. I also may deepen the armscye a little. First on the list: a tuxedo jacket with black silk kimono lapels and collar. The kimono fabric I’ve looked at has woven patterns for visual interest. I also intend to make a white linen french cuff shirt with a removable collar, but this is down the road a ways knowing my speed.

Also need to complete my multi-size pattern so I can start making hemp/cotton denim shorts for sale. I’d like to at least make my money back, which would actually not be that much per pair, less than 20$. Been thinking about giving all the profits to charities to start off.


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