Compost … and wool

IMG_3424 IMG_3426IMG_3427 As it turns out, the wool fabric you can see next to the bucket refuses to compost. The cotton and linen I put in the garden in April or May, by comparison, already tears easily; the muslin shreds with a caress of the finger; but this wool does not tear even after many months longer. Perhaps I should shred it and expose it to the elements rather than bury it in compost.

Anyway, I added the old compost along the drip lines of the bushes. The spider pictured spun a web above the compost and lately leaves enough space for me to shove the little compost bucket in there without ruining the web. Every time, I also stir the cover material around so the mites or aphids or whatever will fly up and stick.


5 thoughts on “Compost … and wool

  1. doesitevenmatter3

    Interesting! I come from a long line of farmers (but, I am not one, although I do like to garden. 🙂 ), and I grew up with compost piles and heaps. 🙂
    Wow! Cool spider web! Nice that the spider is helping! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. The Earthy Oddball

    I have used wool just to cover the soil as to leave no bare earth. I have never thought about composting it. If I cover a bed with it it lasts a very long time. It’s good for keeping in the moisture and maintaining the soil biology and what not.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      I checked the wool pieces not that long ago and they’re still strong as ever, it seems. I even put a lighter to a piece to see if it would melt, make sure it’s actual wool. I’ve composted homespun yarn and fiber before but for some reason this stuff is quite resistant. It’s too bad because I’m trying to do a zero-waste sort of thing, creating clothes or whatever and then being able to use the scraps as weed inhibitors or something.

      1. The Earthy Oddball

        I guess all natural fibre will break down eventually. I usually use the scraps to stuff things with like cushions and other crafty bits. I’m digging your blog. I hope your hand has healed after that incident. It looked harsh. Take care. 🙂

      2. thecuriousbum Post author

        Welp, I forgot about using fabric as stuffing. That saves some thought. Thanks, my hand is all right. My little finger is back up to strength mostly, but that area is still numb and will probably will remain so.

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