Split hands, not bamboo

Earlier this week I finally wandered out into the woods to split bamboo for a basket or whatever I could think of. On the first stalk I cut my hand opened instead.

Find another way of securing bamboo besides holding it with a hand down-stalk. Bamboo, like most things that split, offers spots of resistance and ease. In this case it started out tough, so I applied pressure; then the split eased before I could dial down and drove the knife into my palm. You also don’t need that sharp of a knife, perhaps not even a knife and just wedged hardwood.

I wrapped my arm in my shirt and ran out of the woods and onto a road where everyone passed by. Fortunately I know my way around and ended up in a neighborhood where I asked a guy to call an ambulance, turned out we knew each other from elementary school, so yeah.

They want me to consult a surgeon though the knife did not hit tendon or muscle, just a nerve evidently because my hand’s numb on the outside. As long as the little finger works I am ok with the numbness, however.



7 thoughts on “Split hands, not bamboo

  1. viefinale

    good gracious! I would have freaked to see a man running out of the woods bleeding as much as that must have. I’m sorry you got hurt, but scars *are* kinda neat. Just interesting to have a story as apart of your body, I guess.


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