Been a while

It would be sooner if I could write anything pretty for you, but these days I write very little. For another thing, I find instructional material works better in video form, so what I once wrote down now goes into videos even though they take more work than writing descriptions and snapping a few pictures. Creating videos, however garbage-y, and working on the podcast with Walker spawned my interest in working with audio and music software, so I do some of that in addition to improving my singing. I sold a hat this year but obviously would like to sell way more, and I also started milling logs with a hand saw so that I might craft some furniture in the future once the boards dry. However, I still do not feel good. Being doped up helps me to do the aforementioned things, but it does not make them feel any more valuable. Bad thoughts still play in the background, and I rely more now on video and noise to feel less alone and drown out extraneous “brainstorming.” Sorry that I haven’t been reading anything here. There’s just something about it that often makes me sad, and what good am I to you if that is always where it goes?


6 thoughts on “Been a while

  1. MyHomeIsWriting

    You are always good to me no matter what, but I do understand. I’ve been rather silent myself, especially in the last two months. There just isn’t a whole lot I can say, and never mind that I work too much to even have the time or energy to say anything. I’m glad you’ve found things that you enjoy aside from writing. It’s good to branch out into new hobbies. Fun too.

    1. thecuriousbum Post author

      Yes, we often wander away and back without explanation 🙂 Good to see you, Jodie. Yeah, my videos are here []. It’s not exactly entertaining at the moment.

  2. viefinale

    Got your post on my page from about a week and a half ago. Hope you’re well. Tried sending an email to the prairedog address, says its not longer in service. Mind sharing an updated one?


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