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Feeding paper rabbits


Not in the best condition lately, but I listed a hat on Etsy in addition to rambling more on Youtube.


Welcoming 1916

IMG_3600 A person can acquire a good quality used suit for a reasonable price, and while they provide some tailoring practice I should stop at this point and focus on creating.

The pattern alterations


After fiddling with the prototype in the previous post for hours, I put the alterations to paper. The blue lines on the left and right patterns indicate the cut for a more form-fitting tuxedo or a “two” button jacket. The blue line on the sleeve pattern–center–shows how much I cut from the original draft, over three inches at the elbow. I also enlarged the arm hole because I felt the original size would chafe at the armpit. Adding the alterations back to paper proved difficult because the fabric warped from wear, so I couldn’t just lay it back on and trace. Doing a decent job of it means measuring and double-checking as with anything else.

Suit jacket prototype

Based off of Croonborg’s ‘scientific system’ which you can find for free on google books or archive.org. First I used my Stanley Hostek pattern drafting book, but the prototype came out somewhat oddly proportioned, perhaps because of a mistake. Regardless, I like the Croonborg pattern better. I may just slim the seat a little, and hopefully the collar fits snugly when I add it.

IMG_3418 IMG_3419

Look at those stout old-school lapels! Perfect with the billowy shiny shorts. The fabric should drape better on the front once I measure and have buttons instead of pins. I also may deepen the armscye a little. First on the list: a tuxedo jacket with black silk kimono lapels and collar. The kimono fabric I’ve looked at has woven patterns for visual interest. I also intend to make a white linen french cuff shirt with a removable collar, but this is down the road a ways knowing my speed.

Also need to complete my multi-size pattern so I can start making hemp/cotton denim shorts for sale. I’d like to at least make my money back, which would actually not be that much per pair, less than 20$. Been thinking about giving all the profits to charities to start off.

Scrap fabric plant/weed supression (Update)



I weeded the area–ehh, kinda–for a fresh start.

– First ~foot to the left of the bush: cotton and linen (mostly strips) covered with pine needles

– Second is just needles

– The rest I left uncovered.

I think bigger pieces of fabric would work better, but I want to find a use for scraps. Perhaps the next iteration would be fabric cut into small pieces: more surface area, easier to pile.




We received rain last night and it seems like the weeds exploded, but admittedly I am not all that observant. Since the initial weeding, I have not pulled any; a diligent gardener would check every day. You might be able to see about 2 plants sprouted from the clothes covered ground, the plain needles probably quadruple that. Every year that bush to the right advances farther into the yard, so cutting it back and using more fabric might do some good.

In the second picture: garlic mustard. I ate most of it. It grows rampant in the parks and tastes peppery. I don’t eat weeds from just anywhere. HOAs and county people spray grounds with herbicides and who knows what else. I considered trying to make dandelion wine but the uncertainty of the flowers outside of my yard or in the big state parks ruins the thought. I did eat a few of the dandelions from the yard, however. The flowers taste of a little bitter without a lot else. They would look pretty on a salad.


Here’s the rough order of operations for making these jeans of mine:

1) Make pattern. 2) Cut fabric (with built-in waistband and fly/fly shield). 3) Zigzag edges. 4) Pockets–front then back. 5) Crotch and butt seam. 6) Zipper and fly junk. 7) Inseam, semi-flat-felled. 8) Outseams. 9) Waistband lining. 10) Button stuff. 11) Belt loops and rivets.

This would ideally be divided into 2 days which will not be easy because I don’t feel good.